Fostering relationships between Customers and Care

During the summer of 2022, I worked remotely as a UX Design Intern at T-Mobile, supporting the T-Mobile for Business (TFB) Enterprise Portals team. TFB Enterprise Portals is a new platform aimed to replace the existing account portal (known as Account Hub) that is currently used by TFB customers, as well as the internal Care team.

Over the course of 12 weeks, I tackled on designing solutions for a more personalized Care experience for TFB customers in this new Portals.


June 2022 - Sept 2022
(12 weeks)

My Role

UX Design Intern


Tom Vaughn (Manager)
Rory Tollefsen (Mentor)

Primary Project

The Problem

Currently, customer support in TFB's Account Hub is difficult to access (help resources are in hard to find locations and require many clicks to get to), lacks sufficient information, and doesn't effectively cater to the customer's needs.

The Challenge

How might we build meaningful human connections between business customers and the Care Team while also emphasizing the self-service aspect of Enterprise Portals?

What I Did

Unfortunately due to NDA, I am not able to share specific details about my designs, but here is a high-level summary of my overall design process and key deliverables:
  1. Analyzed existing research about TFB customers and Portals
  2. Interviewed key stakeholders to better understand the intersection between customer and care
  3. Conducted competitive audits to pinpoint areas of opportunities
  4. Created wireframes and prototypes from low to high fidelity
  5. Presented in weekly review sessions and iterated my designs based on feedback

A Trip to Washington!

Although my internship was fully remote, I had the opportunity to travel to the T-Mobile Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington for a couple days in August to attend the Product Design & Innovation Townhall. It was an amazing experience finally getting to step into the office and meet my UX team in-person (It was so surreal seeing them not through a virtual screen)!

At the townhall, I was able to meet the VP of Product Design, Bethany Powell James, and even present to the entire Product Design & Innovation team about all the exciting design work I had been up to so far in my internship.


Navigating ambiguity

One of the biggest challenges I faced during my internship was becoming comfortable with embracing the unknown. Since my project had no clearly defined scope, I learned to tackle ambiguity head-on by conducting extensive research and going through design explorations of different features to figure out the best approach to tackling this complex problem space.

Receptiveness vs. Confidence

As a designer, it’s extremely crucial to be receptive to other people’s ideas and feedback but it’s just as important to be confident in and defend your own design decisions. Through my internship at T-Mobile, I ultimately discovered how to effectively maintain that delicate balance between the two.