Hello there!

I’m Tracey: designer, basketball enthusiast, and lover of boba milk tea!

I’m currently a senior at UC San Diego studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Design & Interaction.

Ever since I was young, I constantly immersed myself in the arts, finding joy in expressing myself through sketching, painting, and making sculptures.

That passion for creating artistic masterpieces gradually led me to take an interest in crafting seamless, aesthetic digital experiences for people as I began my journey of exploring the intersection between technology and the creative arts.

What have I been DU-ing?

This past summer, I interned at ServiceNow and reimagined the mobile guided process experience within the Customer Service Management workflow. Previously, I have also designed at T-Mobile, as well as the investment firm Seraph Group.

Right now, I'm a Web Developer at Design Co, the largest design organization at UC San Diego. I turn designs into life as I code out websites for major events that we host like Build Up and Design Frontiers.