Enhancing the Platform Experience

During the summer of 2023, I worked as a Product Design Intern at ServiceNow on the Visual Design Studio team. The Visual Design Studio Team focuses on building a unified foundation of visual patterns that compromise of the different experiences, layouts, and components across ServiceNow's products.

Over the course of my internship, I ideated design solutions for the stepper component of Playbooks, which is a product that is a part of the Customer Service Management workflow and helps to provide agents guidance through complex processes.


June 2023 - Sept 2023
(12 weeks)

My Role

Product Design Intern


Simon Lo (Manager)
Jennifer Feng (Mentor)

Primary Project

The Problem

Currently, there is a high-priority need for further consideration of mobile behaviors for the Playbooks product. Navigation is difficult and not intuitive for the user, especially in mobile Playbooks, and there needs to be more easy-to-interpret state indicators to show the user's progress through the overall guided process.

The Challenge

How might we provide easily discoverable and accessible navigation in the mobile experience of Playbooks?

What I Did

Unfortunately due to NDA, I am not able to share specific details about my designs, but here is a high-level summary of my overall design process and key deliverables:
  1. Analyzed and consolidated existing research about Playbooks
  2. Created a mood board for stepper pattern analysis to pinpoint areas of opportunities
  3. Crafted refined, high fidelity wireframes and prototypes
  4. Presented to key stakeholders in multiple design review sessions and iterated based on feedback

A Summer in Sunny San Diego!

I had the amazing opportunity to work in the recently renovated San Diego office for my internship this summer. This was my first time getting to experience an in-person internship, so what better place to be than by the beautiful beaches in San Diego! But most of all, I was ecstatic to be able to connect with many of my fellow team members and interns.

From attending fun intern events like jumping around at the Rockin' Jump trampoline park to engaging in Family Feud trivia games at company socials after work, I feel extremely lucky to have been able to form so many meaningful friendships this summer!


Adapt to change

Whether you expect it or not, change is inevitable in the workplace. There were various unexpected obstacles I encountered over the course of my internship, but I am grateful to have learned the important skill of keeping an open, flexible mindset and being able to quickly adapt under changing circumstances.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

In order for self-growth, it's a great learning opportunity to constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether that was in the form of taking initiative to set up coffee chats with my team or presenting my work in front of a large audience of stakeholders, I truly learned how to be comfortable with seeking discomfort during this internship experience.